Saturday, 22 June 2024

All low-income people have to face an uncertain life due to Coronavirus

Chapainawabganj is surrounded by natural diversity and full of small trades and known as the capital of mango.

More than 30 small ethnic groups live in the area. The number of Santal tribes is more among them. The main livelihood of these tribals is agriculture along with the small cottage industry business.

They always celebrate different types of festivals. But the coronavirus has already interrupted it. There may not have been a shortage of rice since they had a good harvest in April. But now they have nothing to do spend time at all. We found at Delbari in Sadar upazila that Santal tribes are spending time sitting at home.

Women are busy with household chores. So some people are practicing the songs of the festival together.

Among the Santal tribes, men, as well as women, are involved in agricultural work. But because of the Coronavirus, they are now passing their leisure time.

Besides men, we also go to the field for farming, but because of the coronavirus, we can’t go to work in the field, so we are in need.

Outbreaks of Covid 19 appeared to be irritated not only in men and women but also in children.

Although they do not get many opportunities and luxury in daily life, life means little satisfaction to them.

They used to laugh with his playmates in the guise of playing. Corona seems to have taken away that smile from them. All of them are now at home who used to go to work or work outside. As a result, it has become difficult for low-income people to make their livelihood.

In our village, all our young people who worked in mills, even as masons or worked in garments are living now at home. All low-income people have to face an uncertain life due to Coronavirus. The girls who used to work outside are also not being hired because of Coronavirus.

The festivals that were held within these last few months have been celebrated only on a small scale. Marriages are not arranged as before. People of this community were found to say like this.

We put everything off because of Coronavirus. We postponed all of our festivals. We also postponed our marriage ceremony. Some are getting married without a festival.

Because of Coronavirus, everybody is trying to adapt to the neo-normal situation in their way. But they need our sympathy/support to get back to their neo-normal life.

Most people of our ethnic minorities are very poor. So we provided all the things free of cost that you can’t buy. Under the national relief program, we provided them hand sanitizer, facemask bleaching powder, etc. during the pandemic situation.

We hope that all the communities in Bangladesh, irrespective of their race and profession, will leave behind the pandemic situation and live a normal life of laughter, joy, and celebration.

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