Thursday, 18 April 2024

Speaking up about menstrual health is still considered taboo in our country

Speaking up about menstrual health is still considered a taboo in our country, which results in lack of awareness among our girls and women. We need more open talks, discussions and awareness campaigns about menstrual and reproductive health so that knowledge can be spread and rumors can be shed.

WOW is going to facilitate an awareness workshop about menstrual and reproductive health, where Nazmeen Nahar, Project Officer Uttaran, will talk about importance of period, usefulness of using sanitary napkins instead of worn clothes, maintaining hygiene and so on.

Founded by Jude Kelly, CBE in 2010, WOW is an international festival that acknowledges the obstacles women face in their day to day life globally, and celebrates their achievements. WOW Bangladesh is organised by the British Council, CCD Bangladesh and Mongol Deep Foundation.

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