A group of young ALLY Fellows meets with MP

The ALLY project with the support of Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers,Youth Development Foundation, Sri Lanka Unites, Rural Development Society, UNOY (United Network of Young Peace Builders) and CCD Bangladesh funded by the European Union has been working for the past two years to develop the skills and active role of young people in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka to play an active role in countering violent extremism.

As a part of this, a group of young ALLY Fellows from Bangladesh participated in an advocacy meeting with Mr. Fazle Hossain Badsha, a member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Ministry of Education and Member of Parliament for Rajshahi 2 Constituency.

In the discussion, the fellows highlighted their activities and took suggestions on opportunities for youth to play an active role in the Bangladesh government’s activities in counter-extremism and peace building. At that meeting the honourable member of Parliament agreed upon with the recommendations the fellows presented and will put forward the recommendations of the youth in formulating policies to amplify the youth voices and actions in addressing diverse factors of PVE in Bangladesh.

He was very happy with their work and discussed collaboration opportunities. Since he has field level experience and played leading role preventing violent extremism from the government’s end and has done many research works related to PVE, he has committed to work with the youth peacebuilders network and asked for follow up meetings to help them with his knowledge on PVE according to the context of Bangladesh and ended this meeting with much appreciation.

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