Wednesday, 29 May 2024

“I never knew our history could be so exciting!”

“I never knew our history could be so exciting!” exclaimed a student, his eyes sparkling with newfound enthusiasm. As part of the 5th school outreach campaign led by the ‘Our Shared Cultural Heritage- OSCH’ initiative, the fellow students from Saidur Rahman School and College, Rajshahi embarked on a journey that transcended time.

Guided by OSCH youth board members, the students delved into the captivating narratives of the past at the Varendra Research Museum. With each artifact and exhibit, they unraveled tales of courage, innovation, and diversity that shaped their cultural identity.

Supported by the British Council, this educational odyssey not only bridged the gap between generations but also kindled a deep appreciation for heritage preservation. This project is implemented by CCD Bangladesh in collaboration with the Uronto Artist Community and the Varendra Research Museum of the University of Rajshahi.

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