Tuesday, 16 April 2024

The 6th Outreach Campaign is here!

The 6th Outreach Campaign is here!

In the heart of Rajshahi, a city steeped in history, a group of students found themselves on an extraordinary journey that transcended the confines of their textbooks. This was the sixth school outreach campaign led by the ‘Our Shared Cultural Heritage- OSCH’ initiative, a beacon of inspiration for River View Collectorate School and its curious minds.

Guided by the passionate members of the OSCH youth board, the students embarked on a voyage of discovery at the Varendra Research Museum. With each artifact they encountered, a new chapter of history includes tales of courage, and innovation before them. Monowara Parvin, the visionary head teacher of River View Collectorate School, warmly appreciated this initiative, recognizing its potential to prepare students for the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution. She affirmed that by engaging in such enriching programs, the students would equip themselves to stride confidently into the ever-evolving future.

Supported by the British Council, this educational odyssey not only united generations but also nurtured a profound respect for the preservation of heritage. This project is implemented by CCD Bangladesh in collaboration with the Uronto Artist Community and the Varendra Research Museum of the University of Rajshahi.

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