Tuesday, 16 April 2024

‘Why should we go to the museum?’

‘Why should we go to the museum?’

CCD Bangladesh has started an outreach campaign and guided tour at the Varendra Research Museum for students from different schools at Rajshahi under the project ‘Our Shared Cultural Heritage( OSCH)’ with the support of the British Council.

Today this campaign was held in Agrani School and College, Rajshahi on the importance of visiting museums and gaining knowledge and led by the OSCH youth board members.

After the campaign, the students got the opportunity to visit the Varendra Research Museum with the guidance of the tour guides of the OSCH project. The School Authority fully supported us and Mr. Md. Saiful Islam, Principal, Agrani School and College has appreciated this initiative.

These campaigns and guided tours aim to create awareness among the students of the schools and colleges so that they can understand the importance of going to museums from a young age and spread the important aspects of our history and traditions to everyone.

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