Thursday, 22 February 2024

WOW – Women of the World is arranging a panel discussion

It is no secret that women all over the world, regardless their nationality, ethnicity or culture, face domestic violence almost regularly. These abuses take many forms. During the pandemic, about 1 million workers who make their living in the Sundarbans, had to face a lot of hardship as most of them lost jobs. And so, most of them were a victim to domestic violence due to financial crisis.

WOW – Women of the World is arranging a panel discussion in the upcoming WOW Bangladesh Khulna Chapter, where such issues will be discussed. We have invited Sonali Sen (ADC, South), Hasna Hena (Deputy Director, Khulna Women Affairs Department), Shahela Parveen (Assistant Director (C.D) Women Support Programme Divisional Office, Khulna) and Ismat Jerin Jui (Clinical Psychologist, Regional Trauma Counselling Centre, Khulna Medical College Hospital) to speak about how to reduce this violence, what women can do if they are victims of violence in this panel discussion. Professor Mst. Taslima Khatun (Head of Sociology Discipline in Khulna University) will be moderating this panel discussion.

WOW – Women of the World was founded by Jude Kelly, CBE, back in 2010 to celebrate achievements exactly like these and to inspire millions of women all over the world so that they can be strong and independent global contributors. This year’s WOW Festival is organised by the British Council, CCD Bangladesh and Mongol Deep Foundation.

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